Top Reasons For Low Back Pain In Young Adults

Living with low back pain can be a painful experience. It hampers productivity and can disrupt our daily functioning in a serious way. The National institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS) claim that low back pain is the world’s second largest physical ailment in the US. We can assume the same case to be true in most parts of the world too. There are plenty of reasons why low back pain is rampant amidst young adults. Young adults are supposed to enjoy a healthy way of living. But here are the reasons why most people end up having low back pain as a serious threat to their daily lives.

In most cases, low back pain is caused because a person follows a wrong posture of sitting or standing. Slouching or drooping of shoulders while standing can lead to back pain. If the pain is the initial stage, that is if the pain is not acute, but only disturbing in nature, it is better to visit a chiropractic centre where massage treatment will set right the condition. If you want a good chiropractor from Box Hill, then see it here.

In some cases, patients tend to complain about low back pain post accidents or physical traumas. During accidents it is possible for the spine to be affected with sudden impact, the aftermath of which will come to surface only after a long duration of time. It is also possible that the disc of the spinal cord may be dislocated resulting in low back pain. Disc dislocations and backbone degenerative situations in their initial stages can be dealt with the services of a chiropractic centre.

Low back pain is usually common amidst aged people whose backbone could have corroded or undergone serious wear and tear as a result of aging. But the condition in adults in the age group of 30 to 40 is serious and indicates the need for a serious upheaval in their lifestyle. Obesity ad lack of exercise can also be blamed to be prime reasons why young adults suffer from low back pain. Exercise can help shed pounds which will reduce the pressure exerted on the spine to carry body weight.

If the back pain is due to an even serious physical condition like spinal stenosis, sciatica, abnormal spinal curvatures, etc. then it can be treated only with the help of a surgery. In such cases only an orthodontic specialist will be able to prescribe remedies that will restore the physical health of the individual. Some of these physical conditions are genetic in nature while some other caused due to poor lifestyle conditions. Controlling weight and engaging in regular exercise habits will go a long way in preventing the occurrence of low back pain and similar bone related problems.