Help Make Your Community A Better Place

None of us can live as if the world revolves only around us. Our lives shouldn’t be based only on out personal goals and dreams. It should also take in to consideration the society and the community at large. It is easy to work towards your success, while conveniently ignoring the plight of the rest of the world, but it is not the right thing to do. Here are some things, big and small, that you can do to make your community a better place.
Be ethical in your dealings

We have all hear the saying; ‘Be the change you want to see in the world’. Even the tiniest things that starts at a personal level, goes a long way when it comes to a collection of those persons. Be an honest, trustworthy and ethical person. If you have kids, inculcate these values in them. If every individual took this matter of ethics seriously, the world would be a much better place.

Help schools, spiritual places and hospitals

Schools, hospitals and places of worship are the three most important institutions in any community. Of course it will be difficult to help them big on your own, but you could start and seek the support of those willing souls. Check if the hospitals have all required amenities to run smoothly. If not, bring it to the attention of responsible personnel, and go from there. You could donate a few books to a school, or sponsor a needy student, to make a difference. If others follow the example you set, the school will be in a much better place in the years to come. If you community has a church, a mosque or any other kind of spiritual institute, help them grow bigger and better. Help is surely available in the arena. You could, for example, try for a church loan for small churches, in order to upgrade your church.

A church loan for small churches could be put to use in terms of either physically expanding the place to accommodate more worshiper, making it more comfortable for the present visitors or even to start a Sunday school or something beneficial in that line.

Give the environment its dues

This is the same old advice, but it is timeless, and is extremely important. Plant trees. Don’t litter your surroundings. Be kind to animals. Stop cutting down trees where it can be avoided. If you really have to, plant two, instead of the one you just destroyed. Go green as much as you can. Avoid harmful substances like polythene. If you have a baby, try using reusable cloth diapers, instead of the disposable ones. Make tiny changes in your life, and encourage others to do so. While you may not be able to reap the rewards of your doings now, your future generations will definitely do.

Help your culture survive

Culture gives character to the society. With all the globalization and modernization, it is very easy to forget our roots, and where we come from. It many seem accommodating, and might help you ‘fit-in’ easier, but it’s definitely not worth losing all your cultural values. While somethings might really need a change, many things can be healthily continues. Revive some of the extinct cultural practices that are useful.